Often times the dance of intimacy that many couples engage in can appear chaotic and conflictual. By slowing down our interactions, we can peel back the layers of communication and feelings. We can see how we are interpreting our partner’s words and learn about the impact that our words and actions are having on each other. Through this process of non-judgmental inquiry, we can find out what is driving us, what is meaningful to us, and how we can be more deliberate in our interactions so that we can balance our needs with the needs of the relationship. By creating a space for the basic humanity within us to emerge, we allow a relationship to transform from unhealthy patterns of conflict, boredom, or emotional distancing to one of mutual support, empathy, and encouragement.

By bringing awareness to the patterns that emerge in a session and in your lives, each partner can then take a role in changing those patterns. This kind of work can be transformative for a relationship when both partners have an interest in doing the work (we can look at the things that make us resistant to doing the work, as well).

I offer counseling for couples in the following areas:

  • conflict
  • transition (pre-marital and pre-separation)
  • marital vows / marriage ceremony preparation
  • traditional and alternative relationships