There’s No Such Thing as Everlasting Love (According to Science). Don’t worry, it has a happy (if not fairy-tale) ending.

Relationship vs. Relating. “To journey from living within conditioning to living free is to land here, now, dropping everything and noticing what is.  It is the willingness to look, see and become aware of how conditioned complexes operate within our energetic systems, to take responsibility for them, and to find the infinite possibilities that lie outside their walls of right and wrong, good and bad.”

Attractions of Inspiration and Attractions of Deprivation. Getting clear on what relationships are actually good for you.

Compulsion to Recreate and Overcome Childhood Hurts. Some people might be turned off by the fact that this is a “channeled” lecture, but the ideas are useful in getting at the root of relationship problems.

How Not to Fall in Love with your Anima/Animus – An article about bringing consciousness to relationship.